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Saturday, February 26

were 20 strong young men and .... we are divided, exactly half of them have returned reversing the direction of travel on top of Cottignoli - who for the bitter cold and some for the "short chain" - while the remaining ten, true ADM Friends, continued in the planned route. In fact, if a day was to be conditioned only by a harsh climate (+2 ° at the start) but sunny, as it had been published on various web weather, so it was: covered with biting wind from the north breathing.
So when he rode in the second part of that is from the intersection with the Cottignoli Bicocca, where you turn on a broad ridge windy totally open to the incursions, the first thought of those cyclists that have not been forged in the " forge "Ad Maiora, is to return immediately .... as if a bombing was imminent sweep of the area. The bike is also suffering, never stop to say so, otherwise it is considered a trip outside, a cycle-accompaniment for the elderly (and not only ...).

Another speech is "short chain", that being an issue more complex is not gonna stop now to further develop it, but soon will dedicate a separate post.
Well continue our ride .... down Casale (fredda!!), then along the narrow valley road Marradese, one that leads up to Lutirano: a handful of houses - the walls of which have been raised with local stone - and a small horse, they identify the locality of Abeto, known for its cyclists impennante "tear" that leads to the top of Torretto, but just for the chance to avoid him ... following the course of the river along a panoramic Acerreta cart (Farm of Querceto) between intensive cultivation of kiwi and peach trees.
When he returned to the main road, turn right and after 100 m left to begin the ascent of Upstairs (Bulbane) - 3.20 km, 230 meters of altitude - a rise of hidden, silent, on average challenging, with lovely views south to the Hill. Once on top you go into a slight slope (2.2 km) shaded by beech and fir trees showing the crossing of Beccuggiano.
Quick step to the top, if not all to join, cold and hungry.
Return from the side Brisighella was interrupted only by a providential and refreshing stop at the Bar S. Cassian and the providential escape as the sun warmed our poor body, until the native Lugo.
In total we covered 115 km with an altitude of 1123 meters.


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